Greetings beautiful people,

It feels incredible to be back in the magic and pristine beauty of Washington, close to the sea & the angels of the tide. 

New songs are emerging like the small green sprouts of spring. I am fueled and persuaded by the shocking beauty of the natural world and hearing the faint voices of the trees which I am only beginning to understand. Echoing in this stillness, I am reminded of the recent journey to India with the One Billion Rising movement (www.onebillionrising.org) and the intense imprint it left on my heart and spirit. There is SUCH a song that needs to be sung.. a song of revolution, Love and freedom. I do not consider myself a feminist, but I will say that I am feeling such incredible motivation, fire & drive to speak out and not hold back. This, is making its way into these new songs. The song of truth is Love, yes, but also the need for change, freedom, excitement and fire. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

In the meantime, if any of you incredible and powerful women would like to be a part of something that I really feel will ignite your inner (& outer) fire, and change your life forever, please join me in NYC in October for the 2nd annual Emerging Women Conference. More powerful, intelligent and motivational women in one place than you may ever have experienced. Speakers, authors, artists and business leaders, gathered together to unite, network, motivate & support oner another to another level. 

Please go to www.emergingwomen.com to explore and learn more. 

Love & Light to each of you!







Greetings to all of you beautiful and divine beings!

This year, already, has been powerful. 2012 was a big one. 2013 SO POWERful. 2014... WOW. 

After returning from India in December, I retreated to the warmth and comfort of my nest here in southern California. I became so filled from the array of emotions, thoughts and experiences that I needed to just stop.. and breathe.. and feel it.

So, I've been feeling it. I'm still feeling it. In some ways, I don't even know that I have begun the process of feeling it. It's crazy. 

India is an incredible country, with incredible people. The kindest people I have ever met. My family there are some of the kindest people I know. My aunts and cousins and uncles and nieces and nephews are absolutely incredible. It was so amazing to travel around India with the One Billion Rising movement, then end in Delhi with my family. Again, I am still feeling it all. 

Interwoven with the Indian heartfelt kindness is some of the most painful destruction, poverty and pollution I have ever witnessed.. all woven into one. India is painfully beautiful. Absolutely stunning. Absolutely profound. 

India is powerful, but traveling through India promoting equality and women's rights: beyond. It was SO moving. SO powerful. SO incredible. Our team consisted of Eve (most incredible woman I know/founder of One Billion Rising/V-Day/Vagina Monologues), Monique Wilson (truly the kindest person you'll ever meet/Global director of One Billion Rising), Tony Stroebel (incredible filmmaker from South Africa), and myself. 

Together we traveled around India, from tropical Chennai in the south, to Delhi then up to the Himalayan Dharam Masala in the north. We attended women's rights rallies, spoke (& sang) at events, made appearances at numerous press conferences (Eve spoke) and gathered together with thousands of people (both female and male, including the Delhi police force) to talk, sing and cry out for change.  Together, we all met our eyes, voices and hearts and agreed: we believe in change, we must speak up and speak out. Everyone deserves freedom, peace and respect.  No one deserves to be abused or hurt. Though it may not be an issue in your individual life, it is a huge issue that is affecting millions of people in this world and they need our help.  Those that have not found their voice need our support. By speaking up, you set an example for others to do the same. 

One Billion Rising is a movement.  It's a vision. It's an offering. It's a demand. You may be a woman, you may not.  You may have been abused (verbally, emotionally, physically) in your lifetime, you may not have. 1 in 3 women have or will be. That's insanity. Truly insane. It's not ok. We have to each make the commitment to do something about it. Whether it means standing up for yourself or standing up for someone else, we each have the ability to do something.  Abusive tendencies and addictions are often times passed from generation to generation, they can be taught from a destructive culture or society, they are learned. I have dealt with abuse in my life and I must make the commitment to find another way. Instead of hurting another (or myself) i must choose Love and compassion. I must rise up and be part of the change. Each of us must, the world depends on it.. the survival of the World depends on us. Sometimes it's easy to not take something seriously.  If it doesn't effect us, it doesn't effect us. The truth is, it all effects us. Everything effects all of us. We are all connected, divinely, physically and emotionally. When we send out waves of pain, others feel it. When we send out waves of Love, others feel it. You making a difference in your life may not seem big, but when added to everyone else making a difference in their life, it eventually becomes big. Whether you feel you have time, courage or desire to get involved, I thoroughly encourage you to consider it. By joining together, we can build something so powerful and so strong. On February 14th, millions of people around the world, in every country, are joining together.  We are rising, we are dancing, we are believing. Please, join us. 


I love you all so much. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Featured in this photo is Jyoti Seth and the group "Space" from Delhi, they are AMAZING! http://www.tritha.com/space/




After returning home from the tour with N.O.W I have a few days to get ready for the upcoming trip to India with the One Billion Rising project.

With many thanks to Chantal Pierrat, Kelly Notaras & Kurt Baumann, I was given the incredible opportunity to open for Eve Ensler (creator/writer of the Vagina Monologues) at the Emerging Women conference in Boulder, Colorado this past October.  I had exactly 10 minutes to create the musical mood and space in which I felt she would best be introduced at the conference. I chose to sing From Far Away & Wild Flowers, 2 very emotional and heartfelt tunes. Because I admittedly did not know a lot about Eve, I was in a state of shock after learning about what an incredible woman she is and hearing her speak for an hour.  One hour of being in this woman's presence and I could feel the manifestation of my life's path altering. She is THAT powerful!!! With God's loving support, she felt a similar admiration in my gift as well. Somehow, when she and I combined forces at that conference, we BOTH felt the angels sing. So, needless to say, when she got off stage and asked if I would like to join her on a tour through India with her One Billion Rising movement, I said.. YES!!!

I have dealt with various forms of abuse in my life, I am half Indian, this trip will be powerful!

One Billion Rising has a devoted mission to spreading awareness about the injustice towards women on this planet (especially rape & abuse). It's the real deal: last year they were able to get EVERY country on the planet involved and get over 1 billion people rising up, speaking up, singing, dancing and spreading awareness about the injustice towards women. That's a LOT of people!!

If you wish to learn more, please go to: http://www.onebillionrising.org/



..:: N.O.W ::..


This recent tour with Nightmares on Wax was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life.  What an incredible group of brothers I am blessed with. George Evelyn (shaman/creator of Nightmares on Wax) and I have been visualizing working together for years. When he asked if I would do this tour, I immediately said YES! What incredible things happen in this world when we say YES!!!! :)

Along with George, we had "Shovell the drum warrior" (the funniest/high vibrational being I have met in a LONG time), "Grant" (the sweetest & most epic 21 yr old drummer), "Ricky" (a giant burning light of Love, laughter and entertainment), "Mozez" (a real, live Earth Angel), "Neesh" (a profoundly talented and incredibly kind manager) & "Nolan" (a bright eyed, kind hearted tour manager).  

I had NO idea what I was in for. The amount of growth, support & confidence I have obtained in the past month is absolutely profound. Together, like a circle of support, they have awoken a sense of strength and fire inside of me.Thank you guys.

Who knows what the future holds... ;)


Photo by Luke Allen

Photo by Daniel Blue Photography


Autumnal Magic!


Hey guys!

Wow, what a year! We spent the past winter recording the debut full length Sea Stars album "The Unknown" and released it last month on September 3rd.  A summer of travel & touring (Italy, Germany, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas & Arizona).  Sea Stars is SUCH an exciting project! The intention of the lyrics and the harmonic magic with Kurt is breathtaking.  I feel honored to walk alongside him with my heart and sound.  I really believe in the potential of the project.  We're in the process of working on some music videos, details available soon! 

To learn more & hear samples, please go to www.seastarsmusic.com

Now I'm getting ready for this upcoming tour through the US with George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax).  We'll start in D.C and travel through the US, ending in Southern California (Solana Beach).  We're all pumped since it will be an awesome production featuring a full live band.  I'll be singing a song George and I worked on together ("Master Plan") as well as some other magical tunes.  If you get a chance, come check out a show! The schedule is on this site, we begin on November 14th.



Thanks for checking in and being who you are. I'll keep the blogs happening along the travels.

Love & Light!!


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