..:: N.O.W ::..

This recent tour with Nightmares on Wax was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life.  What an incredible group of brothers I am blessed with. George Evelyn (shaman/creator of Nightmares on Wax) and I have been visualizing working together for years. When he asked if I would do this tour, I immediately said YES! What incredible things happen in this world when we say YES!!!! :)

Along with George, we had "Shovell the drum warrior" (the funniest/high vibrational being I have met in a LONG time), "Grant" (the sweetest & most epic 21 yr old drummer), "Ricky" (a giant burning light of Love, laughter and entertainment), "Mozez" (a real, live Earth Angel), "Neesh" (a profoundly talented and incredibly kind manager) & "Nolan" (a bright eyed, kind hearted tour manager).  

I had NO idea what I was in for. The amount of growth, support & confidence I have obtained in the past month is absolutely profound. Together, like a circle of support, they have awoken a sense of strength and fire inside of me.Thank you guys.

Who knows what the future holds... ;)


Photo by Luke Allen

Photo by Daniel Blue Photography