Autumnal Magic!

Hey guys!

Wow, what a year! We spent the past winter recording the debut full length Sea Stars album "The Unknown" and released it last month on September 3rd.  A summer of travel & touring (Italy, Germany, Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Texas & Arizona).  Sea Stars is SUCH an exciting project! The intention of the lyrics and the harmonic magic with Kurt is breathtaking.  I feel honored to walk alongside him with my heart and sound.  I really believe in the potential of the project.  We're in the process of working on some music videos, details available soon! 

To learn more & hear samples, please go to

Now I'm getting ready for this upcoming tour through the US with George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax).  We'll start in D.C and travel through the US, ending in Southern California (Solana Beach).  We're all pumped since it will be an awesome production featuring a full live band.  I'll be singing a song George and I worked on together ("Master Plan") as well as some other magical tunes.  If you get a chance, come check out a show! The schedule is on this site, we begin on November 14th.


Thanks for checking in and being who you are. I'll keep the blogs happening along the travels.

Love & Light!!