Greetings beautiful people,

It feels incredible to be back in the magic and pristine beauty of Washington, close to the sea & the angels of the tide. 

New songs are emerging like the small green sprouts of spring. I am fueled and persuaded by the shocking beauty of the natural world and hearing the faint voices of the trees which I am only beginning to understand. Echoing in this stillness, I am reminded of the recent journey to India with the One Billion Rising movement (www.onebillionrising.org) and the intense imprint it left on my heart and spirit. There is SUCH a song that needs to be sung.. a song of revolution, Love and freedom. I do not consider myself a feminist, but I will say that I am feeling such incredible motivation, fire & drive to speak out and not hold back. This, is making its way into these new songs. The song of truth is Love, yes, but also the need for change, freedom, excitement and fire. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

In the meantime, if any of you incredible and powerful women would like to be a part of something that I really feel will ignite your inner (& outer) fire, and change your life forever, please join me in NYC in October for the 2nd annual Emerging Women Conference. More powerful, intelligent and motivational women in one place than you may ever have experienced. Speakers, authors, artists and business leaders, gathered together to unite, network, motivate & support oner another to another level.  

Early bird tickets (save $300) are on sale now until July 1st. 

Please go to www.emergingwomen.com to explore and learn more. 

Love & Light to each of you!