After returning home from the tour with N.O.W I have a few days to get ready for the upcoming trip to India with the One Billion Rising project.

With many thanks to Chantal Pierrat, Kelly Notaras & Kurt Baumann, I was given the incredible opportunity to open for Eve Ensler (creator/writer of the Vagina Monologues) at the Emerging Women conference in Boulder, Colorado this past October.  I had exactly 10 minutes to create the musical mood and space in which I felt she would best be introduced at the conference. I chose to sing From Far Away & Wild Flowers, 2 very emotional and heartfelt tunes.

Because I admittedly did not know a lot about Eve, I was in a state of shock after learning about what an incredible women she is and hearing her speak for an hour.  One hour of being in this women's presence and I could feel the manifestation of my life's path altering. She is THAT powerful!!! With God's loving support, she felt a similar admiration in my gift as well. Somehow, when she and I combined forces at that conference, we BOTH felt the angels sing. So, needless to say, when she got off stage and asked if I would like to join her on a tour through India with her One Billion Rising movement, I said.. YES!!!

I have dealt with various forms of abuse in my life, I am half Indian, this trip will be powerful!

One Billion Rising has a devoted mission to spreading awareness about the injustice towards women on this planet (especially rape & abuse). It's the real deal: last year they were able to get EVERY country on the planet involved and get over 1 billion people rising up, speaking up, singing, dancing and spreading awareness about the injustice towards women. That's a LOT of people!!

If you feel inspired to get involved, please go to:

Have a WONDERFUL Holiday season, I'll update the blog again soon..

Love Katie